Dr. Rowena R. Abrea

Dean, CTE

Dr. Norrie E. Gayeta

Associate Dean, CTE


Department Chairs and Program Chairs

Dr. Romeo M. Guillo Jr.

Department Chair – Graduate Programs, CTE

Dr. Charity A. Aldover

Program Chair – Doctor of Philosophy & Doctor of Education, CTE

Dr. Abegail L. Gonzales

Program Chair – Master of Arts in Education, CTE

Asst. Prof. Marian S. Santos

Department Chair – Undergraduate Programs, CTE

Mr. Celso G. Zara

Program Chair – Bachelor of Secondary Education, CTE

Mr. Roldan T. Atienza

Program Chair, Bachelor of Elementary Education



 Dr. Romeo M. Guillo Jr.

Assistant Director, NSTP

Mr. Celso G. Zara

IAU Coordinator, CTE

Dr. Clint A. Sanohan

Research Coordinator, CTE

Ms. Regina Chriscel S. Delute

Office of Student Publications Coordinator

Mr. Amiel A. Abacan

Extension Coordinator – Graduate Programs, CTE

Ms. Bernardita A. De Chavez

Extension Coordinator – Undergraduate Programs, CTE

Ms. Jamielyn F. Reyes

Experiential Learning Coordinator, CTE

Dr. Santa M. Faltado

Field Study Coordinator, CTE

Miss Maria Perpetua P. Crisostomo

Student Affairs Coordinator & Culture and Sports Coordinator, CTE

Mr. Leonald C. Osera

Planning Coordinator, CTE

Mr. Ferdinand M. Agena

Student Discipline Coordinator, CTE

Dr. Maria Gloria R. Datinguinoo

Multi Faith and Alumni In-charge, CTE